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Do you like my idea for innovated coloring book for kids?

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When I was a child I liked to play with art. I loved drawing, gluing, cutting, sticking, coloring.
I remember in the 1990s, my grandparents took me on a trip to another city and bought me a specific coloring book at the train station. This coloring book differed from others in its principle of operation. When I looked through this booklet, there were numbered circles in it alone. Before coloring the whole thing, I was unable to guess what picture was hiding.

So I went home, took my crayons and started coloring according to the pattern. This coloring book was the most memorable for me because it was one of a kind. I never had anything like it again. I couldn't find such a coloring book by numbers anywhere.

In my adult life, I work as a graphic designer. Recently, I came up with the idea to design myself the kind of book I remember from my childhood. Except that the theme is Christianity and the Bible. My coloring book gets good feedback from children. So I decided to share it with a wider audience and make it available for sale around the world.

And here it was created:
Holy Circles! Christian coloring book for kids ages 5-10: Biblical color by number for children : 17 unique religious pages to paint by crayon.

The coloring book is available for purchase on amazon.

Very nice! As a matter of fact, I'm going to put this on my amazon list for a future gift for my granddaughter. She's 3 going on 4 years old and is very bright and does indeed like that sort of stuff. She's into dancing (Ballet) too. It was very nice to meet you, Slawek. God bless you! And much success!