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  1. C

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer request for Gods favor in court judgement

    Good day, I'm asking for prayer that the Lord would give the ACLJ success in taking urgent action at the Supreme Court to defend unborn babies. I'm asking that the Lord would provide all the finances that are necessary, give them favor with all and judgement would be made in their favor to...
  2. profebubba

    Help Directly or buy the books to help

    I'm a Writer, I will donate 50% of the direct sales of my books to the repair of the Andrés Eloy Blanco Basic School, located in the City of Santa Cruz de Aragua, Municipality, José Ángel Lamas - Venezuela, which after entering for the first time I was left there surprised at how some children...
  3. L

    Biblical Parenting

    Does anyone else struggle with doing this sometimes? Raising kids the way the bible instructs, with love structure and discipline, I mean. I am trying to do so, could use support from others who are raising their children on a diet of God's word and christian values. You try your best and pray...
  4. Sławomir Ciupka

    Do you like my idea for innovated coloring book for kids?

    When I was a child I liked to play with art. I loved drawing, gluing, cutting, sticking, coloring. I remember in the 1990s, my grandparents took me on a trip to another city and bought me a specific coloring book at the train station. This coloring book differed from others in its principle of...
  5. R

    WARNING: Evil Lewd Anime Book aimed at children!

    Im so disgusted and appalled by this horrible person trying to trick parents into buying this 'art book' for thier children. It is full of sex, satanic and occult messages and symbols and advocates drug use! I felt compelled to join this forum and warn everyone. I hope someone in christian...
  6. craigdressler

    Free Kids Bible Apps

    There are a couple of free kids Bible apps available. One is the Superbook Bible by CBN, and here's the website link: The other is at the following website link:
  7. B

    [__ Prayer __] My youngest son

    Please pray for my youngest son, D. Tonight he messaged me that he believes he has a problem with alcohol. I referred him to a Christian addiction program, Celebrate Recovery (I have personal experience with this, so no bashing please). It took me easily an hour to try to convince him to go, as...
  8. Jethro Bodine

    Bible Study Only the children will go in--Numbers 14:31

    After the spies returned from spying out the Promised Land, ten of them convinced the Israelites not to go up and take the Land because the people living there were too big and strong for them to conquer. As punishment for their disobedience and lack of faith none of the numbered fighting men...
  9. KnowtheSpirit

    Good book for pet loss or God's will concerning animals

    Our family has dogs and cats, and now that our little dog Spunky is elderly, we're faced with her health problems and the fact that she won't be with us much longer. Death is never easy to talk about, especially with our children. I decided to look on Amazon for a book about talking with my kids...