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Bible Study How to understand : Under Grace #2

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The confusion for most Christian, is that they are trying to stay MENTALLY DEFINED (wrong mind, broken faith) by what isn't able to define you any more.
They are trying to keep defining themselves as a "sinner" or a "saved sinner" when in fact they now spiritually exist in GOD, where there is no Moses Law found there that can define the born again.
There is only Grace., and Grace only defines you as "made righteous". a 'Son of God".
So, if you are having FAITH issues reflected as the believing that you have to keep yourself saved.... then you have to change the way you think, regarding understanding who you are become as a Born Again, "made righteous", "Son of God".
Now, if you are water baptized, and told that this saved you, then you "must be born again" to even begin to understand what it means to be "the righteousness of God, In Christ"....."made Righteous".....>"One with God, in Christ".

So, all believers have to renew your mind from the old way of thinking of yourself as a "sinner", (carnal mind)... or as a "saved sinner" and instead only see yourself as God has recreated you to EXIST, for ETERNITY< as "the righteousness of God, in Christ"...."made Righteous"....possessing "Eternal LIFE".

And then when you read Romans 4:8 that says that God does not charge your sin to you, and then when you read 1 John 3:9 that says the born again can't sin..... it'll make sense when it says you "cannot sin" ......perfect sense.
And when you get the revelation that....>"As Christ is, so are the born again in this world" will make perfect sense because that is the TRUTH.

1.) Where there is no law, there is no transgression.

So, when We are born again, we are no longer under the law, we are "under Grace".
GRACE is the spiritual law that runs, that operates, that controls , the Kingdom of God.
All the born again..are in the Kingdom of God, and that is why we are SPIRITUALLY "seated in Heavenly places, in Christ'".
This is why all the born again are "One with God".... and ...."as Jesus IS so are the Born again in this world"

See all that?
That is the real you, the born again you, the you that is 1 John 3:9.

This is the REAL You, that is "in Christ" and God only sees this born again "new Creation" as YOU.
He does not see your mind or your body as the real you.
God only sees you as His SON, born again, Spiritually.
Reader, when you learn to renew your mind so that you only and always see yourself as God sees you, then you are in REAL FAITH.

Real faith is the revelation that God has remade you, by spiritual birth as His very Righteousness, and that does not ever change because of your behavior.
Your behavior is your state, but your eternal status, is "God's Son", "made righteous". "having Eternal Life"...."born again"
Your emotional state changes from day to are sometimes a better person, sometimes not so good, sometimes happy, sometimes sad.... and this has no effect on your Born again Spiritual STATUS, that is always...>"One with God, In Christ"
Being Born Again is not impacted by how you think, as becoming a "New creation" "in Christ is only created by God's Holy Spirit.

2.) Paul redefined the title of our carnal behavior as "works of the Flesh".

""""Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,
21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings,""""

He did this because ....

The born again are not under the law, we are under Grace.
Grace is now our new dominion.,and we are under it.
Graces has dominion over us, and in this there is no dominion of the law , that can define you.
The born again, as under Grace, are defined as : "the righteousness of God, in Christ".
That is who you are, when born again.
The "New Creation" "in Christ" is the REAL YOU, that is the Son of God.
The real you, if you are born again and not just water baptized, is the born again Spirit, that lives in your body.

Your natural mind that is prone to lust and self righteousness and unbelief, and then worries, and confesses, is the mind of the DEAD YOU< that was "crucified with Christ". This is the "Mind of the Flesh".
Paul tells you to "reckon the old man dead", (that mind) because in fact, it is....and you are now the born again New Creation in Christ, that God recognizes as the real you, because He has given you the "new birth", as PROOF.

So......When you do something that is a carnal deed.......
That is what Paul defines as "sin consciousness" and a "work of the flesh".
This is all related to the "soul realm" and not ever to your born again Spirit that can't sin, and is made righteous.

The "soul realm" is your natural (carnal) mind, and this is always in opposition to the Mind of God, the Mind of Christ, and it wants to direct how you see yourself as a Christian.
It will tell you.....>"well, see what you did, that is who you are", "you're a sinner".
But that is not the right mind,..... that is the mind of the FLESH trying to run your FAITH.
We are told to "renew" our minds into perfect alignment regarding How God only and always sees us, as "made righteous".
We are to only and always see ourselves as : A "new Creation" "in Christ" as that is the part of you that is going to heaven. Not your body and not your carnal mind.
Paul said....>"as many as BE Perfect".....and that is all who have a renewed MIND that is controlled by REAL FAITH.
Real Faith is the revelation of who you have become as "a new Creation" in Christ.....born again = SPIRITUALLY.

To renew your mind, as you are instructed to do by Paul, ....You have to learn how to think correctly as REAL FAITH regarding who you are become by new birth, as "the new creation" as who you really are, even tho your natural mind, if you allow it to, informs you differently.
That " carnal mind" is the "flesh", and is not the right one and you are to "reckon it dead" and renew it, so that you discipline your mind and the way you think AS how you see yourself.
You are only and always to see yourself as God sees you, which is..."made righteous".. "In Christ", "New Creation". "born again".
That is the "renewed" mind.