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If you controlled the world or were a powerful leader


Mid-South USA
Jan 17, 2010
I've been giving this some thought and the only thing I'd change if I controlled the world as leader would be to establish what I call the full itemized cost discloser law.

It will read something like this.

It shall be illegal to sell, or quote the cost of sale, of any good or service, without first fully itemizing the cost of said good or service, to include all taxes, fees, or cost, to the end consumer; associated with the purchase in full payment, or by contractual time payment, of said good or service, with full explanation.

What will this do you ask? Well, now when you order say DirecTV or some other service, as they are quoting you over the phone they will be required to expose all fees and quote you the monthly amount to the penny.

Or, when you buy a car and you'er ready to sign on the line, the dealer will be required to first quote you the full price to included all fees.

Or, when you go to the store to buy an item, the price listed on the tag will have to include taxes.....

That's all I would do. On day one that is.