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Just want to take a moment here before continuing. This chapter is not about bashing Catholics as many are Spiritually born again Christians so I ask that you please do not take it that way. Many will scoff and disagree with what I am about to present, but sometimes the truth is hard to swallow. This is about who the beast out of the sea and out of the earth are stemming back to the Babylonian Empire up to the present day revived Roman Empire and how they hide their deceptive agenda from the eyes of the world. I prayed hard about putting this out there because I wasn’t sure if I should or not and I feel God telling me it’s time so people will come out from her and have their eyes opened to the truth. This was given me by a friend of mine many years ago that was in the Jesuit Priesthood until God opened his eyes and brought Him out of it and has now gone forth to expose the deception...

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