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  1. Classik

    SITE feels great

    Great on a computer too. So its a 4.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999 star :chin
  2. Classik

    SITE feels great

    LOL Will try that on a puter next
  3. Classik

    Your Favorites

    Favourite cartoon? Tom and Jerry
  4. Classik

    Stuff about hell fire

    Just recently I accidentally touched the hot soldering iron. It was awful just on about 0.5cm x 0.5cm of my skin. Hell fire would be a lot hotter and engages the whole body. Is hell fire really real?
  5. Classik


    What are the defined functions of the Trinity - individually?
  6. Classik

    SITE feels great

    I disappeared for a while. SITE feels so great on my device. I give you a 4.99999999 plus
  7. Classik

    Does The HOLY SPIRIT leave when we sin?

    Does HE
  8. Classik

    Hold yourself on this one...

    Enjoy it
  9. Classik

    What Is Beauty?

    Do we have a Mascherano in the house? :wink
  10. Classik

    What Is Beauty?

    BEAUTY? Simple. God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. GEN 1:31a
  11. Classik

    Do You Prefer Taking Baths Or Showers?

    Scuba. LOL
  12. Classik

    Are you ever scared or terrified of the future?

    With our walk with JESUS there is nothing to fear
  13. Classik

    The background sight banner on pc.

    O yea
  14. Classik

    Our guns...or we quit

    I have always thought we are better off without guns than with them. The more we crave for them the more likely we go for more sophisticated ones...maybe until we get bazookas, cannons and then missiles. Improve our security standard. Trust me that some gun fans have never shot a single bullet...
  15. Classik

    Is Valentine for the youth?

    Model. wow