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  • I was really little at the time, so I remember little. Just scattered nemories, and nothing about the language
    I am fine, thank you. I don't know what else to say that I or someone else hasn't already said about tatts that would persuade Christians to not bring the practice into the church.
    Yeah, sorry it tookna while to reply i dont have much free time here.. Military is mandatory here :tongue
    We do use the King James (primarily, but not soley), but the 1611 is actually a reference to when we met and when we got engaged. :)
    Yeah I noticed. That's sad, because it could have been an interesting discussion about what virginity is. The website the guy linked had a few good thoughts in it.
    Yeah. They used the NIV, sounded like. And I was able to go in pants, plus most every other woman there was wearing pants. xD Glad I didn't have to pack dresses--they take up way too much room in my suitcase. I did pack one to wear to my cousin's wedding.
    Nope, still here. I'm at the library again. I'll be here for almost another two weeks. We'll start driving home a week from now, but we're planning on stopping and seeing some things. Like, the Amish in Pennsylvania. We do want to be back by Aug 3rd, though.

    We attended my aunt's church. Small southern Baptist church. I liked it.

    it is going good finally im weekend off but today I am going back there. It is hard but sometime it is great. :tongue How's things going on you?
    Went well. Had two connecting flights. The last one was on a tiny 8 seater plane. xD I'm on the library computer at the moment, but they don't give us much time on here. I can get wifi on my iPod while here, though.
    Yes! I think I'm familiar with them. I know there are several ministries geared toward bringing them the Gospel.
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