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Recent content by farouk

  1. farouk


  2. farouk

    That Time Again

    jasonc Well, you must know of course about the ones you saw; and I don't recall if you mentioned whether Mrs. jasonc has any; but I do get the definite impression that they are so widespread now; and in the Bible Belt they are said to be ubiquitous: forums dot thewelltrainedmind dot com (So I...
  3. farouk


    Hi; I posted a short, informative video...above.
  4. farouk

    God's Word And Your Condition

    Indeed........rain and snow from heaven.....His higher ways.....waiting for the Word to take effect............ :)
  5. farouk


    Hi Luminous_Rose The video above makes the good point that mj - depending on how it's received - can take a while for its effect to be noticed; so this is the context whereby some ppl sometimes decide to take too much of it; whereas if they waited a while it would surely come anyway.
  6. farouk

    A thought I had.... "Victory in Jesus"

    I also love how verse 58 - about steadfast, abounding service - follows on naturally from verses 57.
  7. farouk

    That Time Again

    stovebolts I do take your point about the power of God. Ephesians 2 is a passage that often comes to mind about the change in the unbeliever/believer, before/after. In style terms, I guess faded tattooing is kind of an extension of the style of faded and distressed jeans. Although seeing as the...
  8. farouk

    That Time Again

    Yes; not obligatory but frankly they would expect be be inked up..
  9. farouk

    Comment by 'farouk' in media '20210908_114630.jpg'

    Oh okay......
  10. farouk


    jasonc Yes; if a person already does at least some measure of social smoking, then it's kind of natural to want to receive one's mj via inhales. Did you see the interesting video, above, featuring Dr. Sherry Yafai info. on mj delivery methods?
  11. farouk

    God's Word And Your Condition

    Hi for_his_glory Good to see you also;I found the Isaiah 55 ref. interesting; as is the Nazarite vow passage; there is a hymn which speaks of the Lord Jesus as the 'spotless Nazarite'.
  12. farouk


    PS: Saw this educational video with Dr. Sherry Yafai:
  13. farouk

    Gospel of Grace

    I just don't see that the Bible teaches saved Monday, lost Tuesday, saved again Wednesday, lost Thursday, etc........... Philippians 1.6: "He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ".
  14. farouk

    Gospel of Grace

    Paul speaks of 'the obedience of faith' in Romans, but I don't believe he taught 'saved today, lost tomorrow'.......
  15. farouk

    Common Usage?

    Oh did I go off topic? sorry.......