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  • I'd consider most of the song super hard, although I did like it and ended up favoriting it. I kinda perceived it being about mega churches that care about nothing but donations and don't really help anybody. But IDK. I'm not an expert on that kind of stuff.
    Anyway, that page on facebook seems to have some interesting stuff. Going to have to check more of it out.

    Anyway, I'm really excited for the upcoming Skillet album.
    Here's the wikipedia article with the track list:

    They've released three of the songs so far, and are going to release one more in a few days. But after that we just have to wait until June 25th, when the entire album will be released.
    Looked up another song of their's, called Blood Money. Good song, especially the lyrics. Although the lyrics are a bit hard to decipher. I had to look them up.
    I like what I'm hearing so far, although their style is not my absolute favorite. I like the hard stuff, obviously, but when it's super hard I don't like it quite as much.
    So, I did look up one of the songs on the page, and then another song by the same band that was related to that one.
    The band is, My Heart to Fear. The songs: The Witching Hour, and The Witching Hour Pt II. Really interesting. If you look up the songs, search for a lyrics video. Especially on the second song, some of the words are really hard to understand or catch without having some guide like that.

    Y'know, a year ago I probably would have been rather put off by the music style and screaming vocals. xD I guess it grew on me.
    I actually think I kinda prefer Skillet's style a bit more than stuff like that, overall. But then, it may depend on what I'm in the mood for.
    Thanks for your many messages and encouragements, farouk. I did see the thread on heavy metal music and am contemplating adding some thoughts there. As for the tattoos, lol... If any new thoughts come to me, I'll be sure to share!
    I guess I could relate to the song mostly because of the issues that I've had personally in recent months. The vast majority people have not made a big deal over it, though.
    Well, yeah. I did think the tone in the song might be a bit harsh. The guy seems to be respectful in his posts on those differences, if the post where he spoke on the Bible's stance on tattoos that I linked you to a while back is any indication.
    Some churches are very extreme and actually hateful, thoufh. WBC is probably the most well known example.
    well, its official I saw a sign with name farouk ali. he is a realitor and I thought of you. is farouk your first or last name?
    Hey man, I just woke up for a mid-night snack and decided to look at the forum for a few minutes. It's been a pretty busy week. How are you?
    The phrasing I used in the last post of mine you quoted--"brought me back", reminds me of the song "To Bring You Back", by Paul Alan. xD
    Thanks for pointing them out. I was thinking about the OSAS thread today and how a few people there argue too much. I don't think that they will ever come to an agreement.
    Saw it. I was just contemplating if an additional response would be too far off topic. My impression of the guy is that he really was just looking for attention. I am sure if he looked hard enough he would be able to find work, especially where his appearance would not be an issue.
    I have one more year. We'll be using a different curriculum this next year. The reason I'm a couple years behind is (1) I had to repeat a year in elementary school, and (2) we stopped school for a while while my mom researched another curriculum/schooling method.
    This week is my last "official" school week for the year.
    Trying to work on my songs for church. Having a hard time with them, but I'm going to try my best.
    Yeah, my sisters have a lot of other priorities. I have not been on in a while just because my family has been going through some trials so most of my time is needed elsewhere. Thanks, I have been reading it quite often and my family has even started doing family worship together daily which is really nice. How have you been?
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