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Recent content by Gazelle

  1. Gazelle

    Some of the best NT verses threatening loss of salvation

    Hmmm. To study Scripture is a good thing, but one needs some background to do so accurately? Jesus talked "only" to the Jews... before His resurrection, His ministry was to the Jews. Remember what they believed? They were looking forward, to the coming of the Messiah. They had to do...
  2. Gazelle


    danrisk Garsujardo Intuitive change HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
  3. Gazelle

    Growth What Did You Learn In Church Today?

    Nothing. There is no church that will accept me with a service dog here. So sad. Haven't been to church in over 4 years. Not my choice.
  4. Gazelle

    Bible Study Are you willing to commit treason for God?

    Would I commit treason to serve God? Yes. God warns us about vowing allegiance, remember? So imo if the country I vowed allegiance to turns against God, I must renounce my vow and serve God. If the country calls me a traitor, so be long as I have not betrayed God. However, and I feel...
  5. Gazelle

    Just joined! Just saying Hi!

    Welcome to CF
  6. Gazelle

    What Does The Groundhog Say?

    :D Actually, I have great report with animals in general...but I've never heard a groundhog talk, ever! :D
  7. Gazelle

    Other voices

    I understand your dilemma but really it is not much different than someone not suffering under your affliction. We are all afflicted at some point in our lives. Anyone who needs to overcome an affliction needs to use the same tools as the other. Your affliction tends to divide the process and...
  8. Gazelle

    Talking to non believers

    What is the quote? "Preach Christ and when necessary, use words"?
  9. Gazelle

    Talking to non believers

    So glad to see this thread got back onto track :D Yes, I have led many to Christ.... face to face and online! (BUT then, I have been of Christ for over 50 years.) It's a very exciting but also fearful (as in awe-some) the Holy Spirit gives you Words and works within... I have...
  10. Gazelle

    We're On The Map!

    Regarding the second part. Consider how you would demand your rights to free speech, for instance, if you had no power to back it up, to prevent the government from denying you? One of the reasons the USA has not totally fallen to non-Constitutional enemies is because they fear our firearms...
  11. Gazelle

    We're On The Map!

    Hi there! Science has shown an actual spark emitted at the point of conception. :D For me, that supports my thinking that the spirit (some use the word soul) is created at that moment! God is marvelous! As for the firearms... without 2A, you have no way to keep your 1A rights.
  12. Gazelle

    The Ramble On thread

    Just thought I'd stop by and see how everyone is... or who still is (here)... :wave
  13. Gazelle


    KJV 1 Peter 1:23. Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth forever.
  14. Gazelle


    I am doing quite well on these food stuffs :) and my dog absolutely loves the whey (amasai) and the cheese!!! It appeals to him as much as his frisbee LOL and I've continued to lose weight and become healthier (love the "ice cream" I make with frozen fruit and amasai only... guilt free (not...
  15. Gazelle

    Hi! been a while (joined over at I'm drjean there)... was wondering how you are... I...

    Hi! been a while (joined over at I'm drjean there)... was wondering how you are... I hope well.