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Recent content by JM

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    Some video I put together...

    [youtube:1birxoca][/youtube:1birxoca] [youtube:1birxoca][/youtube:1birxoca] [youtube:1birxoca][/youtube:1birxoca]...
  2. J

    How Are We Made Right With God?

    Yes Dave..., you're insane! :lol (inside joke, dave and I are buddies)
  3. J


    See ya'll around. Peace. j
  4. J


    Sure, sure, I understand. lol Spoil the well by calling me a pharisee and claim I have "diminished intellectual capacity." If you can't remained focused to read a post that's longer then a 5min scan, it's you with the lack of intellectual capacity. To sum up a Biblical doctrine in 5 min. is...
  5. J


    One will not be given more room then the other to attack the doctrines presented. [see STRUCTURE OF THE DEBATE] You asked for the debate, you go first, I only started posting again to answer your call. I've said my farewells in pm's a few days before you sent me a pm, you want the debate...
  6. J


    It should’ve been obvious that I hadn’t been follow this thread UNTIL you sent me the pm, as for avoiding you, yes I do tend to avoid heretics but not in this case…as I accepted the challenge. Anyone of the mod will do, Vic is a fine with me, the admin's can remove my...
  7. J

    Calvinism: are there more gods than One?

    You must be born again to be saved or one of the whosoever wills. If you're not born again, then you're not saved. If you don't know if your born again, then you're probably not. "If our religion be of our own getting or making, it will perish; and the sooner it goes, the better; but if our...
  8. J

    John H. Gerstner, Theology in Dialogue

    You really are a doofis, see the link for context.
  9. J


    Before you go patting yourself on the back, thinking I’m avoiding you, you should be aware that I haven’t been in this forum for a while. This thread is dead and I had nothing else to post. But since you want it so bad, lets debate. We can work out the rules over pm and yes, we...
  10. J

    John H. Gerstner, Theology in Dialogue

    You must be kidding, my post was dripping with sacasm...get a dictionary and a cause you need it. ... 229#319229
  11. J

    Romans 3

    To the zealous and faithfull of Jefus Chrift, my very much valued friends and brethren in the work and patience of the Gofpel. __________________ In Genesis we read the narrative account of the fall of Adam. As we read through the Holy record, we find sinful man, not seeking God, but...
  12. J

    Potter's Freedom!

    Romans 9:21-22 YLT hath not the potter authority over the clay, out of the same lump to make the one vessel to honour, and the one to dishonour? (22) And if God, willing to shew the wrath and to make known His power, did endure, in much long suffering, vessels of wrath fitted for destruction...
  13. J

    Bible Study Man's religion & God's religion

    If you were to continue to read J. C. Philpot you would probably find the answer. ~JM~
  14. J

    John H. Gerstner, Theology in Dialogue

    unred, provide scripture that tells us men who are not saved love God or better yet, seek after God. Rom 3:11 There is none that understandeth, THERE IS NONE THAT SEEKETH AFTER GOD. John 8:44 "why can't you hear the words of God?" Joh 8:47 He that is of God heareth God's words: ye...
  15. J

    Potter's Freedom!

    So I guess it's more logical to demand clay to form itself into a pot. :lol: