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Recent content by Not_Now.Soon

  1. Not_Now.Soon

    [__ Science __ ] Flat Earth

    How can the earth be flat? By being a flat earth. How can the earth be round? By having a ball.
  2. Not_Now.Soon

    Detroit may make national news BLM protest

    Looked at black lives matter website. Several things were listed on it including the thing about disinformation being rampant about BLM. However at the top of those things was a message to defund the the police. While at the bottom of the page was advertising two BLM shirts. These two...
  3. Not_Now.Soon

    Detroit may make national news BLM protest

    If you can't tell the difference between the two, it doesn't matter if one group is the real BLM and worth supporting and another group is not BLM and spreading lies. If they appear to be the same group, then do not trust either. The protests that continue to harbor violence and theft are...
  4. Not_Now.Soon

    Detroit may make national news BLM protest

    Black lives do matter. But the movement BLM, I don't trust it. Like Jerry said, they don't speak out against abuses that are done on BLM movements. They don't hold themselves accountable so why should we trust them. Many of them also have taken a stand that I disagree with that continue a...
  5. Not_Now.Soon

    i am

    Hello Mozo, and welcome. Something you said reminds me of some other things I've heard elsewhere. Reminds me of someone I've talked to that is Hindu. Hope to hear where your perspectives are coming from if they aren't Christian, though you've studied the bible. But if you don't want to say...
  6. Not_Now.Soon

    How Does Prejudices Start?

    Sorry, I meant "profile," not "prophies." Didn't even occure to Check what spell check is correcting my words to. ?
  7. Not_Now.Soon

    How Does Prejudices Start?

    Stereotypes, negitive experiences, and common ground. I think these are the foundations of racism, sexism, prejustice against those of a religion, or any other kind of prejustice, (including just groups like jocks and band geeks in high school). The stereotypes fuel racism the easiest, because...
  8. Not_Now.Soon

    White Privilege

    Best I can tell, it's talking about long term effects of profiling in different parts of society. And Being in a economic safe place comparatively. Being trusted more based on skin color for jobs, or from contact with autborities on the profiling aspect. Having a way of life that is richer or...
  9. Not_Now.Soon

    Chinese Whispers

    There are some scholarly thoughts on the bible being edited and tweeked over the years. Mand that supports the idea that God's word yesterday might have been different then it is today. However I believe the other way. That God can and has protected His messages to us in the bible. That and...
  10. Not_Now.Soon

    Could Laws Against Abortion Be Actually Enforced?

    You have to start somewhere. Enforcement of abortion starts with punishments for abortion. Start on the doctors and clinics that provide abortions and they will quit once there is a cost for continuing the practice. The unfortunately thing is that abortion is an industry. It's been very...
  11. Not_Now.Soon

    Christian Comic Book

    I agree with a lot of what you've said, such as showing our love for Jesus by obedience. However I don't think it's that cut and dry for every Christian. At least it isn't for me. To be confident in my hope of salvation and to not worry about it. It's true that God is my greatest hope, and...
  12. Not_Now.Soon


    Jesus told the parable of the Pharasee and the sinner to distinguish a difference between proud arrogance, and humble repentance. In my opinion repentance is an action we are given to do. A work if you will.
  13. Not_Now.Soon

    Bible Study And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out (It's too late now!).

    I don't think there's a lot of information out there for living by the Holy Spirit. In fact I've heard the opposite more often then not of knowing what's from God and questioning whether a person's actions and beliefs are their own and misguided, or are from God. In fact you hear enough things...
  14. Not_Now.Soon

    [__ Science __ ] Legalized Polygamy in America? It’s Coming

    I'm not saying it isn't a real thing, but what I was saying was that I remember a verse in the bible that speaks against the practice of marrying sisters, (I had to look it up, it's Leviticus 18:18), but I don't remember seeing a verse in those laws about having only one wife. Nonetheless...
  15. Not_Now.Soon

    [__ Science __ ] Legalized Polygamy in America? It’s Coming

    I don't want polygamy in the US, but as far as it being a sin. I'm not so sure that is a sin or that it ever was a sin. In Israel if a woman becomes a widow before having children, it was a responsibility of one of her husband's brothers to marry her for the sake of her having a child...