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  • I have some confusion with conversations.
    I am wanting to start a conversation with chopper. So when I go to members at top of home page it really isn't a list of all members. when I see him online I click on his name and it goes to his profile page like the one for you I am on right now.With his profile page and yours also I see no way to start a conversation with him or you.
    Hi there, as you may know I am a new member. Can you tell me how I get access to the Men's Locker Room forum?

    Just recently, when I click on the "+quote" button in order to respond to a post in the "apologetics and theolgy" forum, the "plus" sign turns to a "negative" sign and nothing else happens, so I can't reply to that post. This occurs in every thread I've tried. Do you know what the problem is? Thanks.
    Hi WIP!

    Could you set up a One on One discussion between Jethro and I.

    I would like to title this discussion: The purpose of the Law of Moses today.

    Please see if he is willing.

    Thanks JLB
    Hello WIP.
    Please could you grant me access to the Men's Locker Room? I would like to be a part of this area.
    Thank you.
    Hi WIP--Thanks for making arrangements for the one-on-one between JLB and myself. I tried to make the first post as I'm in the affirmative but did not know how. Is t possible you could open the thread for us?
    Hi WIP. JLB and have agreed to a one-on-one, I shall take the affirmation. What is the next step?
    Hi.. Can you please grant me access to Men's locker room? Not sure if this is the right place to request for the same! Please guide me :)
    Because it's not said often enough, I want to let you know that I appreciate your contributions as a staff member on this site.

    God Bless
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