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universal salvation

  1. HSong

    Sexual Immorality

    Hello my friends. All people will become believers in Christ and gain permanent life. Yes, even those who are sexual immoral, who have committed the sin of sexual immorality. All sins lead to death, no exceptions. However, Christ our Lord died for our sins, therefore He paid their penalty. Thus...
  2. HSong

    Evangelizing UR to my Sister's Friend Who is Muslim

    Incarnate — Yesterday at 9:12 PM That’s similar to my brother’s beliefs as well so that’s interesting, older brother intuition. There’s a lot to read so I’ll probably reply in smaller chunks — Yesterday at 9:14 PM Interesting. Not just your brother's beliefs that are...
  3. HSong

    Spiritual Hostage

    can.of.soup — Yesterday at 12:45 PM i understand where both you and your mother are coming from, and neither of you are necessarily in the wrong. you shouldn’t have to stop spreading christianity and it’s not your fault these things are happening. from what i’ve witnessed, you’re very kind. you...
  4. HSong

    Every Murderer's Fate

    What is murder? It is a sin. It is defined as unjustified, deliberate homicide by the Amplified Bible. It is unlawful killing. The Lord does not sin, there is absolutely no sin in Him. Thus, all His commandments are true and His actions are justified. 1 Samuel 2:6 The Lord kills and brings...
  5. HSong

    Reviewing my Friend's Christian Website

    Hi SailorWriter! Wow! I'm impressed. :D It's great to see that you have your very own website my friend! I really like how you incorporated Christianity into Touhou. :D. I'm very glad that you set this up. And thank you so much for sharing to to me as well! It reminds me of myself when I...
  6. HSong

    100+ Christian Universalism Websites

    Hello everyone. I have created a website which features over 100 Christian Universalism websites, archived in one easy to access place. I'm hoping to get as many Universal Reconciliation websites into one place. But I'm only one guy. So, I probably missed some lol. Thus, for...
  7. HSong

    My Family and I, searching for my sister

    There I was with my family going out today. We were searching for my sister because she didn’t know where she was. May 22 2023. So, as a backstory. First, she had a birthday party for a gay friend. I am a member of the Christian Universalist Association, which is an LGBT affirming organization...
  8. HSong


    If God will save everyone, then why did the LORD God command a man to be stoned in death? Let me answer this question, since it's a topic I have thought about recently. To preface, the Lord made specific laws for the Israelites under Moses. Leviticus 10:11. As a disclaimer, since we are not...
  9. HSong

    False Universalism

    False Universalism = Everyone will go to Heaven even if they don’t believe in Christ thus they still have sin. True Christian Universalism = Everyone will go to Heaven because everyone will believe in Christ thus be made clean from sin. To explain this, here is a conversation between Sailor...
  10. HSong


    April 2nd 2023 12:13 PM start timeline [future edit: oh LibreOffice automatically turned this into a header. Well, apparently webpages may be better search engine indexed, like SEO, with a header element, so that could prove handy. Was just surprised to see it in big bold text with white letters...
  11. HSong

    End Times vs End of Sin Time

    The “end times” are different from the “end of sin time”. When is the end of the world? Personally, I’m a preterist, so I believe that the Book of Revelations describes the events that happened in 70 AD. But eventually, there is another end. Not the “end times apocalypse doomsday” stuff...
  12. HSong

    Can God draw a square circle? Can God create a rock so big he cannot lift it?

    can.of.soup — Today at 11:47 AM Another couple questions I’ve had brought up in my philosophy class (which I don’t really like) is, can god draw a square circle? Bc a square needs corners and a circle cannot have corner, therefore it would be “impossible” And Can God create a rock so big he...
  13. HSong

    They are trying to abduct my younger sister who is a child

    Hello my friends. The date is May 11th 2023 My mother said “I am going to report that as abduction. I am going to call the police” as both of us were talking about this as I was typing this right now. In quotations marks is an exact quote from her, that’s the truth. This is a very severe...
  14. HSong

    Can you Fist Fight a Demon?

    Discord direct message Q&A can.of.soup —- Yesterday at 11:44 PM Ahh I’m so sorry for responding so late, idk what was wrong with me but I just felt so weird the past couple of days? Then I got suuuuper busy! Especially today another sillier question I thought of. Since demons can go onto earth...
  15. HSong


    Here my friend direct messages me from Discord, so I message back on my Discord account. can.of.soup —- Yesterday at 11:44 PM but there’s not much I can do, sometimes fame can be an evil thing and people think they can do whatever they want. But the same could be said about non-famous people...
  16. HSong

    JoJo Siwa

    Believe in Jesus Christ and be saved my friends. Thus all people will go to Heaven and be permanently saved by the Holy Spirit 1 Cor 13:8 Love never fails can.of.soup — Today at 11:47 AM But the same could be said about non-famous people, like with Jojo siwa. When she got famous she was a CHILD...
  17. HSong


    We are not saved by following the law, whether that law is moral law like the Ten Commandments, or Mosaic, Leviticus, Ceremonial laws from the Old Testament. Truly I say to you, the only way to go to Heaven is by faith alone in Jesus Christ. And therefore all people in the whole world will be...
  18. HSong


    Believe in Jesus Christ with faith alone, that’s all you need to be saved my friends. Therefore, everyone will eventually in their own turn become believers in Jesus Christ, no matter how long it may take, it is guaranteed. The Lord Almighty will accomplish all He desires, and it is His Desire...
  19. HSong

    Question to God

    In terms of questioning God, the question of “How Do I go to Heaven” is answered by the following. Believe in Jesus Christ my friends, with faith alone and be saved permanently, as the Holy Spirit, who will continue to give you guidance and answer your questions, will be permanently in you. John...
  20. HSong

    Gary Amirault

    Thanks for the link to Gary Amirault's testimony my friend. I used to be an atheist too, until I found the truth, but it can be a strong grip. I referenced his testimony when replying to my friend. I will post it here for context.