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Bible Study How to understand : Under Grace #1


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There are 2 dominions, spiritually..... that exist In the Spiritual Realm.

1. Law

2. Grace.

WE<>Everyone : are under one or the other.

When we are under the law, the law has dominion and it judges us.

Its the law that judges and defines us as a : "SINNER".

When we are born again, we are "no longer under the law, but we are: "under GRACE".

See that spiritual dominion change?

Its real.

So, when we are born again INTO the Kingdom of God, by being "2nd birthed" by God's Spirit into God's Spirit ...then the law can't title us. it can't define our born again Spirit, has no right to judge us anymore as : "sinner".

Remember the real you, that exists "in Christ", as "one with God", is not your body or your mind, but its your Born Again Spirit.

Jesus said....>"you must be born again", and He's not talking about the WATER, and He's not talking about your body or your mind, or what happens after you die.

Listen.... Jesus, who is God, died on THE CROSS on THE EARTH. And if you want to go to heaven, then this BLOOD that was shed and this body that died, has to become your redemption., on THIS Earth, while you are alive.

This is SALVATION, and it is not offered after you die.

Thousands who died yesterday and today and tomorrow, found that out.

Dont let that be you, reader.


So, regarding the BORN AGAIN.........the law has no dominion over us because : "Christ has redeemed us from the Curse of the Law".

"you are not under the Law, you are under GRACE".

UNDER = Dominion.

Found where?

In the Kingdom of God that is the spiritual kingdom that all who have been born again are Spiritually residing within....always.

Where is this Kingdom? It's here...>"ONE with GOD, In Christ"... "translated from darkness.....>TO Light".

1st Timothy 6:16.

Notice that this verse teaches you that you can't "approach" it.

This means that of yourself, of your own self effort, .....all your good deeds, and commandment keeping.....all this SELF EFFORT, will now allow you to APPROACH God., and that included water baptism.

So, how do you come to God if you can't approach Him by works?

Jesus says, "you must be born again". This is to be born into the Spirit of God, by the Holy Spirit of God.

See that?

When you are born again, you are not "approaching" God, you are joining Him SPIRITUALLY.

The born again always exist as : "Under Grace" and it is our spiritual dominion.


Because our sin is gone... 2nd Corinthians 5:17-19 because Christ has redeemed us from the "curse of the Law".

And why is the Law a curse to a human? Its because "the power of sin is the Law".

The law is holy, but its a curse to you because it defines you as a sinner, it does not save you. It damns you, as "" by the Law is the knowledge of Sin", and that is the "curse".

"Christ came to redeem us from the CURSE OF THE LAW", and He did, with His blood and death.

= Welcome to Salvation.<

The born again exist in the Kingdom of God, and there is no MOSES LAW, there is no dominion of the Law that can define your Born again Spirit as anything.

The only dominion that exists in the KOG< is. "under GRACE". See that dominion ??

This the dominion found in the KOG, and all the Born again are "ONE with GOD, In Christ", birthed into the KOG.

What is the KOG? Its Spiritual Righteousness that exists as Eternal Life .

This is Jesus saying....> "I am THE Life"

This is God who is "A" Spirit.


So, its GOD who defines us according to us being born again as a "new Creation" "in Christ".

That means, there is no moses law found in His Dominion that can define you in this Eternal Spiritual Reality.

Reader, the law is not created for God. Its created for fallen sinful man. Its designed to show you the reality of your sinful condition so that you will go to the CROSS for the REMEDY. = "The Gift of Salvation".

God, on the Cross, is the remedy. For Christ has resolved the Law there, that was against you,= by redeeming you from it, and then putting you into HIS Dominion. "Under Grace"... The KOG.

"Translated FROM........Darkness.....TO Light."

This is why the Born again are only defined by "Grace". As that is God's DOMINION regarding all the born again.... which is to be "the righteousness of God" "made Righteous"... in Christ".

You have read the NT and you read that ..>"we are translated from Darkness....>TO LIGHT".

See that?

That Light is God's Kingdom, and there is no Moses Law found there.
God does not need law and commandments in His Eternal Kingdom...He's God. He's Holiness itself.

God's NAME is "HOLY".

This Law and Commandment stuff was made for humans on Earth, and given to us by MOSES, because we are sinners by fallen nature and had to be shown what we are BY the law and commandments that show us what we are. This is designed to lead us to the Cross to get this "curse" resolved by us becoming born again as : "the righteousness of CHRIST".

The law and commandments are a holy mirror that reflect our unholiness as compared to God's holiness, and we see we are lost sinners, needing to be RESCUED.

The rescue is : The Cross.

Jesus's blood and death is our eternal rescue.., proven by Christ being resurrected.

The law is only for the unrighteous, who are down here on earth in this position... John 3:36

We the born again, are up there, we are "ONE WITH GOD">..and there is no Moses Law in this situation that can define the born again.

We are "Under Grace", not under the law, once we are Born again Into God's Holy Spirit, by God's holy Spirit.


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