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looking for Jesus according to Mark

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27) looking for Jesus

Mark 1: Atfter evening has fallen, he people bring others who are ill to be cured by Jesus!

- So he cures many of them and expells demons!

- Jesus spends the whole day curing people !

- But people keep coming !

- And he keeps curing them without resting !

- It tells a lot about his work capacity !

- Of course, he is tired !

- But he cares about people !

- And he doesn’t complain !

- Of course, he knows he works for God !

- Of course, it helps a lot !
28) Looking for Jesus

Mark 1: Early in the morning, while it is still dark, he gets up and goes outside and leaves for an isolated place, and there he begins praying. However, Simon and those with him hunt him down and finds him, and they say to him: “Everyone is looking for you.” But he says to them: “Let us go somewhere else, into the towns nearby, so that I may preach there also, for this is why I have come.”

- Jesus came to transmit God’s message !

- He didn’t come to spend his time to cure people or to feed them !

- Everything he made was to transmit God’s message !

- Of course, many were only interested in food and cure or basic needs!

- Many are and were not conscious of their spiritual needs and their connection to God!

- Indeed, we are animals!

- And it is often difficult to see the difference!

- Animals are often more human than men!

- It shows how far this world is from God!

- But Jesus told us how men would behave!
29) Looking for Jesus

Mark 1: There also came to him a leper, pleading with him even on bended knee, saying to him: “If you just want to, you can make me clean.”At that he was moved with pity, and he stretched out his hand and touched him, and said to him: “I want to! Be made clean.” Immediately the leprosy vanished from him, and he became clean. Then he gave him strict orders and at once sent him away, saying to him: “See that you say nothing to anyone, but go show yourself to the priest and offer for your cleansing the things Moses directed, for a witness to them.”

- First Jesus is moved with pity!

- Thus he analyzes the situation!

- Second he stretches out his hand and touches the leper!

- Thus he needs physical contact!

- Third he speaks to the leper saying he is going to cure him!

- Thus he communicates to the leper!

- Fourth the leper is cured!

- Thus we get the result!

- Fifth Jesus tells the leper to go to the priest and makes the offer for his cleansing!

- Thus we see Jesus in action where everything is well organized, nothing is left to chance!

- Thus he will be perfect to clean this world when he comes back as a warrior and a king!
30) Looking for Jesus

Mark 2: seeing the faith of the men who bring the paralytic, Jesus tells the paralytic that his sins are forgiven!

- Jesus expresses his feelings straight away!

- sitting there, some of the scribes think Jesus is blaspheming!

- Knowing what they are thinking, Jesus asks them why!

- And he knows what the scribes think!

- So he asks them what is easier to say to the paralytic your sins are forgiven or get up and pick up your stretcher and walk!

- And he answers them straight away by curing the paralytic!

- Jesus is not only someone who teaches and who knows what to say at the right time, he knows how to act on time!

- All his actions are well organized and synchronized!

So they are all astonished and glorify God!

- The result is efficiency and Jesus proves right!
31) Looking for Jesus

Mark 2:

- Again he went out alongside the sea, and all the crowd kept coming to him, and he began to teach them.

- When I think of both Jesus and Paul, I see the same zealous people teaching again and again people!

- And as he was passing by, he caught sight of Levi the son of Alphaeus sitting at the tax office, and he said to him: “Be my follower.” At that he rose up and followed him.

- Once again, when we remember Paul, we know that Jesus knew who he was and chose him in consequence!

- With the apostles, it was the same!

- Of course, they were imperfect men!

- But he had time to teach them progressively!

- And he didn’t choose scribes or Pharisees!
32) Looking for Jesus

Mark 2:

- Later he was dining in his house, and many tax collectors and sinners were dining with Jesus and his disciples, for there were many of them who were following him. But when the scribes of the Pharisees saw that he was eating with the sinners and tax collectors, they began saying to his disciples: “Does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?”On hearing this, Jesus said to them: “Those who are strong do not need a physician, but those who are ill do. I came to call, not righteous people, but sinners.”

- Jesus came on earth to help everybody to learn about God and to repent!

- He had a special mission!

- He would spend all his time on earth to do it!

- He would train disciples to keep on doing his mission after his death!

- He has always been working with and for God his Father!

- Things have always been clear for him!

- No doubt!

- And it was not an easy job!

- His death was also n ot an easy death!

- But he was ready to do his Father’s will!

- When we think of Abraham, it was the same readiness to do God’s will!

- That’s how we can recognize a true faithful servant of God!

- It also means we have to make strong efforts to look like them!

- Because it is not easy!

- And we must develop excellent qualities!
33) Looking for Jesus

Mark 2:

Now John’s disciples and the Pharisees practiced fasting. So they came and said to him: “Why do John’s disciples and the disciples of the Pharisees practice fasting, but your disciples do not practice fasting?” So Jesus said to them: “While the bridegroom is with them, the friends of the bridegroom have no reason to fast, do they? As long as they have the bridegroom with them, they cannot fast. But days will come when the bridegroom will be taken away from them, and then they will fast on that day.

- We see Jews!

- They are supposed to know their history!

- They are supposed to wait for Messiah!

- They see Jesus’ miracles!

- No one could do the same!

- They were unable to follow Moses’ Law!

- And yet they speak about man’s tradition!

- Their minds and hearts are empty!

- How do you want them to understand Jesus’ message!

- That’s the same today with humanity!

- Why should it be different!

- Man is equal to himself!

- What is our personal choice?
34) Looking for Jesus

Mark 2:

- Nobody sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old outer garment. If he does, the new piece pulls away from the old, and the tear becomes worse. Also, no one puts new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the wine will burst the skins, and the wine is lost as well as the skins. But new wine is put into new wineskins.

- Jesus tells us to be careful when we act!

- He did many miracles so people could see he came from God!

- He was able to teach any kind of people!

- He could use simple words!

- But he never forgets his mission!

- He came to tell people about God!

- He didn’t come to feed them or cure them!

- Everything was in connection with God’s word!

- Now there are many Bible translations!

- Did the translators follow Jesus’ example by using simple words or words easy to understand or did they make things to make it more difficult to understand!

- If people don’t understand you, what is the interest?
35) Looking for Jesus

Mark 2:

- Now as he was passing through the grainfields on the Sabbath, his disciples started to pluck the heads of grain as they went. So the Pharisees said to him: “Look here! Why are they doing what is not lawful on the Sabbath?” But he said to them: “Have you never read what David did when he was in need and he and the men with him were hungry? How, in the account about Abiathar the chief priest, he entered into the house of God and ate the loaves of presentation, which it is not lawful for anybody to eat except the priests, and he also gave some to the men who were with him?” Then he said to them: “The Sabbath came into existence for the sake of man, and not man for the sake of the Sabbath. So the Son of man is Lord even of the Sabbath.”

- The Israelites and the Jews showed themselves unable to follow the Law!

- Jesus came to accomplish the Law!

- The Law was over!

- After Jesus’ death, some Jews who became disciples tried to force the disciples who weren’t Jews to get circumcised!

- The answer from the apostles was clear in Acts 15:

- The disciples should abstain from:





- In fact, nothing has changed!

- Even simple commandments are not followed!

- That’s what we can call corruption!

- Man’s tradition vs God’s word!

- When Jesus comes back, do you think he will say good job?
36) Looking for Jesus

Mark 3:

- Jesus enters a synagogue and cures a man with a withered hand on the sabbath after asking the Pharisees if it is lawful!

- They are watching him in order to accuse him and they keep silent!

- Jesus is indignant because of their insensibility of their hearts!

- At that the Pharisees go out and immediately begin holding council with the party followers of Herod against him, in order to kill him!

- But Jesus departs for the sea along with his disciples, and a great multitude from Galilee and from Judea followed him!

- Jesus does everything openly in front of the Pharisees and scribes!

- And he wants to help people spiritually and physically!

- By curing people and doing miracles, he shows he come from God!

- But he always teaches!

- And he always shows the religious leaders they are wrong!

- Religious leaders don’t care about the people!

- They only think they are important!

- And Jesus is indignant!

- How will he react when he comes back?
37) Looking for Jesus

Mark 3:

- Even from Jerusalem and from Idumea and from across the Jordan and from around Tyre and Sidon, a great multitude came to him when they heard about the many things he was doing.

- People were coming from everywhere!

- We are told about a multitude!

- But the religious leaders rejected him!

- They chose their personal power!

- They wanted to keep doing their business and controlling people!

- They would prevent people from opening their eyes!

- They wanted them to keep sleeping and stay spiritually dead!

- It is still true today!

- It is easier not to think by oneself!

- But then when you wake up, it seems to be that you are in a nightmare!
38) Looking for Jesus

Mark 3:

- And he told his disciples to have a small boat ready for him so that the crowd would not press in on him.

- Jesus is always ready to adapt to new situations!

- We must always remember that!

- We have to follow his example!

- We must use our brains!

- We must keep being active and creative!

- If we want to work for God and Jesus, we must show we are worthy!

- We must bear fruit just like Jesus!
39) Looking for Jesus

Mark 3:

- Because he cured many, all those who had serious diseases were crowding around him to touch him. Even the unclean spirits, whenever they saw him, would fall down before him and cry out and say: “You are the Son of God.” But many times he sternly ordered them not to make him known. He ascended a mountain and summoned those whom he wanted, and they came to him. And he formed a group of 12, whom he also named apostles, those who were to accompany him and whom he would send out to preach and to have authority to expel demons.

- When Jesus was on earth, many came to him to be cured!

- It was easy to see that he had come from God!

- Many accepted his message, others rejected it!

- The apostles could live with him every day, day and night!

- They could share everything with him!

- He used a progressive teaching to teach them!

- Yet, they found it difficult to understand him!

- They had to wait till his death to understand his message!

- Paul only saw him in a vision, he was taught a lesson and he understood everything straight away!

- We have the Bible!

- We can get to know a lot!

- But many don’t realize its importance!

- Of course, we need to use it, to read it and to think about it!
40) Looking for Jesus

Mark 3:

- And the group of 12 that he formed were Simon, to whom he also gave the name Peter, James the son of Zebedee and John the brother of James (he also gave these the name Boanerges, which means “Sons of Thunder”), Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James the son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus, Simon the Cananaean, and Judas Iscariot, who later betrayed him. Then he went into a house, and again the crowd gathered, so that they were not able even to eat a meal. But when his relatives heard about it, they went out to seize him, for they were saying: “He has gone out of his mind.”

- Jesus went to the earth to accomplish his Father’s will!

- He was always busy!

- He was always eager to teach and cure people!

- His personal needs were secondary!

- Think about his family!

- They couldn’t understand him!
- May I ask a question to everybody ?

- I will let people time!

- Then I will answer too!

- There is no trap!


- There may be different answers depending on the elements we have!
41) Looking for Jesus

Mark 3:

- Also, the scribes who came down from Jerusalem were saying: “He has Beelzebub, and he expels the demons by means of the ruler of the demons.” So after calling them to him, he spoke to them with illustrations: “How can Satan expel Satan? If a kingdom becomes divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand; and if a house becomes divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand. Also, if Satan has risen up against himself and has become divided, he cannot stand but is coming to an end.

- We see Pharisees and scribes in front of Jesus!

- Many men against one!

- And they are supposed to know what they are talking about!

- They went to religious school!

- And when we hear their poor arguments, they have no shame!

- And Jesus takes time to teach them and show their lack of arguments!

- He shows a lot of patience to these stupid men!

- When we say things, we need a minimum of arguments!

- We need to think about what we say!

- If we don’t have arguments, it is better to say nothing!

- Making mistakes is not a problem!

- But we need to think a minimum!

- And not repeat what others say!
42) Looking for Jesus

Mark 3:

- In fact, no one who enters the house of a strong man is able to steal his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man. Only then can he plunder his house. Truly I say to you that all things will be forgiven the sons of men, no matter what sins they commit and what blasphemies they speak. But whoever blasphemes against the holy spirit has no forgiveness forever but is guilty of everlasting sin.”He said this because they were saying: “He has an unclean spirit.”

- We have many examples in the Bible of people who were condemned by God!

- The Bible tells us about the Israelites and the Jews!

- They had God’s favor!

- They took advantage of God patience!

- And they lost everything!

- And it happened many times!

- So we should be careful when we act!

- We shouldn’t let others tell us what to do but be sure it is right or wrong!

- We have the Bible and we can check many things!

- We can ask God to help us to really understand his will and his word by praying sincerely to him!

- We can keep praying to God to express to him our deep feelings, our troubles, our joys, all our thoughts!
43) Looking for Jesus

Mark 3:

- Now his mother and his brothers came, and standing outside, they sent someone in to call him. As there was a crowd sitting around him, they said to him: “Look! Your mother and your brothers are outside asking for you.” But he replied to them: “Who are my mother and my brothers?” Then he looked at those sitting around him in a circle and said: “See, my mother and my brothers!Whoever does the will of God, this one is my brother and sister and mother.”

- Jesus makes it clear!

- He has a human family!

- But his mission was more important!

- He was on earth to accomplish God’s will!

- Thus he was concentrating on teaching people and help them become his disciples and get access to eternal life!

- And he trained the apostles and his disciples to do the same!

- There was nothing more important!

- We must not forget it!
44) Looking for Jesus

Mark 4:

- Again he began teaching beside the sea, and a very large crowd gathered near him. So he went aboard a boat and sat in it away from the shore, but the whole crowd was next to the sea, along the shore.

- Jesus knows how to adapt to the situation!

- He finds the best way so the very large crowd can listen to him!

- And it is always so!

- It reminds me that after creation, God and Jesus have kept working!

- And they keep working to prepare what comes next!

- And apparently there is a lot to do when we see what men have done with the earth!

- When we read the first part of the Bible, we see how God organizes everything for the Israelites!

- We can imagine that when Jesus comes back to put an end to this Modern world, everything will be well organized to put everything on track!

- it will be refreshing compared to the poor organization of man!