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What's your favourite food?


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have it with a boutique craft beer
I'm not fancy in my beer tastes. Standard product from a good brewer works for me:


"Hello darkness, my old friend..."
Over 10 years ago , My wife and I still talk about how good this seafood meal was at Ponce Inlet in Florida .

My favorite. That's actually a tough question. Well, I suppose if I had to choose just one thing, I would go with the good old fashioned eggs and grits. You put some shredded cheddar cheese in it, salt/pepper, butter, and broken up bacon. Absolutely delicious and very filling.

But then again, a rare steak is also delicious. XD
Sweet potatoes 🍠. They’re good for you! Walmart has store brand steam in bag sweet potatoes at a good price. I melt butter, mix it with cinnamon and brown sugar, and use the mix to top the steamed potatoes.

Very exciting. lol 😆. Good source of fiber and beta carotene…
Meatloaf. I make it with four pounds of hamburger meat, three eggs, lots of salt, minced onions, bread crumbs, and ketchup/mustard. Cook for one hour.

I plate a couple pieces and add a couple slices of butter to each. It semi melts and it adds a richness to it. For the side dish, I usually go with French style green beans and/or mashed potatoes.

It's quite good and I have leftovers for several days. :)


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