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  • I definitely know about getting the mind out of something for a bit. It helps to clear it out, although I don't know if being here at the moment will make your day better. Yeah, that little guy is incredibly cute.
    Psalm 55:22
    Cast your burden on the LORD, And He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.
    :) i am glad to see that you have returned. much of course has transpired with me since you hiatus. as you can see my avatar says alot and i am a dad so to speak. first off are you ok?
    its been yrs i recall nieva or the word closest to cloud in latin(nimbus) was the word for rain but i wont argue.
    man i shall i never look at proverbs 31 the same again nor the quoted psalms (18 or 19) the same. man its sad the jews are so close yet so blinded. i told my brothers gf who is a christian that she will see the messianic hints in the funeral. the soil from isreal that is from the mount of olives to the mourners kaddish.
    I wish I knew of a hugging smilie.

    I'm believing you knocked your finals out of the park! Are you taking full schedule summer classes or just a couple?

    God bless. :)
    Evolution! :shocked! :nono2

    Hopefully they let you write your paper against the theory of evolution. :thumbsup

    And yeah, pretzel cones are amazing! They're nice and salty, and mixed with sweet ice cream makes a perfect sweet and salty combination. Seriously, so gooood. :biggrin It'd be a few years, but who knows, maybe we'll turn our small shop into a franchise and branch to new locations. :)
    It was a lemon hard ice cream in a pretzel cone! :)

    I'm pretty much just reading a little bit at a time, I'm almost through Deutoronomy! Still trying to find a Church that offers services when I can attend. I haven't posted much in my thread lately.

    Hope your night is great and your final goes well tomorrow! Take care and God bless. :)
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