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  • :waving

    I'm sorry to hear the last few days have not been up to par for you. I know you're busy with your finals and everything and that can be overwhelming. I believe the Lord will see you through it. :yes
    lol, shows how much of the Spanish language I know. For some reason I always through No Bueno meant "can't speak Spanish". Thanks for the lesson! :)

    And yes, this book is great. I picked it up yesterday and read over 100 pages, like the first 10-11 chapters. :biggrin It's quite the amazing story.
    My copy I had ordered at the bookstore of God's Smuggler came in today so I picked it up! I've just started reading it. :) Take care, and God bless. :)
    Awww, I'm gonna miss you but your finals are important so I'll pray that you do really well in them all! God bless. :)
    Its going okay I guess. Everything is still ordinary enough I suppose. Thanks for keeping in your thoughts. :)
    So I downloaded E-Swords yesterday. A very neat program! It came with a King James Bible and a + version, not sure what that means. Any reccomendations for any of the additional Bibles or commentaries, or maps, etc? Any of the free ones? Thanks! Hope your day is going great and you had a great Church service! :)
    It was, very tiring but it was a good day. Hope yours was as well! I'm sure God will help you reach a deciscion on what to do. :)
    I browsed through the entire book. Interesting! It would be great to share the book with you without having you to purchase the book. Almost $40.00 for the book. If you're ever interested in learning the differences. Then this should be the only book. Since it goes in-depth and uses many sources and source material. Let's get biblical by Rabbi Tovia Singer.
    Yes, but I like the Q&A's books. More insightful. All the books are pro-Jewish but use Christian sources and questions then respond using their views.
    Greetings. A few days ago you asked about the differences between Christian and Hebrew text of the Bible. Earlier today I received my package detailing the differences of Christianity and Judaism. The book is expansive but well worth it. Since it has scans of pictures, sources from various Jewish and Christian text, Hebrew and so forth. I'm so surprised how many differences are in Jewish and Christian OT text! I know you would not want to leave your faith. But this book is great in explaining a well in depth view of the differences of Judaism and Christianity.
    Just curious. What are you studying in college? Do you have your degree already planned out? Have a blessed night!
    I hope so too! Currently I'm starting to organize how I can learn to become a Jew. Being a good person of morals is only one factor. Being a gentile practice the Seven laws of Noah. Hopefully the Seven laws of Noah can help me in a big way before I practice the many commands Jews do. I'm no where ready to jump in becoming a Jew. I have to take steps and study. as well learn to like a Jew. I have links for you to understand my general sentence.
    The Seven Laws of Noah | Noachide for non-Jews
    Conversion to Judaism
    Thanks for talking to me yesterday. Today is the first day of a new me. One day at a time like one step at a time.
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