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  • I was replying to a message she posted on my profile:

    "Only very manly men know how to fix things "
    just a quiet one this time no druggie in laws or my family to deal with, just me and my wife.
    it was on a road that i drive daily. pipe bombs cant blow up much but they do kill. they were easily seen, i think it was a test.

    it wasnt considered a terrorist act but i think that theres more to it.

    pm me and i will tell you more on this.
    we had someone in my hometown use pipe bombs to set up a crude ied attack.

    never heard what they found one did go off the second one. if the first went off and was a little closer that driver may have been seriously hurt, and the emt dead.
    Not yet, but thanks for the well wishes! My littlest one came home tonight with high fevers and my older-middle child has diarrhea. We all three have something different going on. LOL C'est la vie!
    lol. i drank pepsi ere obama was elected.

    ah you dont know how water down soda is overhere. its way stronger overseas.
    no, obama is planning to do that to us. i saw it in the air force times, didnt get a chanvce to read it.
    lol. nice, but you forgot to mention that coke for the employees of the forced public option for the miliatary aka tricare. which will go waaaaaaaaaaaaaay upppppppppppp and no pay increase for the soldiers.
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