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  1. blessedly_me23

    [__ Prayer __] A cure for loneliness

    Hey! 😊 Just wanted to see how everyone's doing. I'm bored and feel a little lonely. I'm in NA group right now, but I just feel like texting. Help me with my loneliness 💓
  2. W

    WINDS film - sharing the gospel in a Bible outlawed America

    Winds Trailer Good evening everyone! First allow us to thank you for your obedience and boldness of faith in doing the work the Lord has set on your hearts. We are Don and Rose Miller, lovers of Christ, parents of 5 terrific children and filmmakers. In 2015 the Lord put on our hearts the...
  3. B


    Hey there brothers and sisters in Christ, hope you’re having a good day. I don’t normally do this but I don’t really have anywhere else to turn to. I’m severely sick with intestinal issues, as well as suffering with a crippling autoimmune disease that affects my autonomic nervous system which...
  4. HSong

    French (Francais) Christian Universalism(e)

    English Translation: Since I speak French (Francais), I think it's good to have a thread where other French speakers can also talk about Christian Universalism too! :) Bonjour! Aujourd’hui je vais parler à propos Christ Jésus, le sauveur du monde! Oui, Jésus Christ va sauver tout le monde! Cela...
  5. J

    The importance of the blood of Christ

    Many churches preach the gospel without mentioning the blood of Jesus. Even modern Bible translations remove the blood out of their text. Why? Watch the below video to understand the importance of the blood of Christ and how it can benefit you! Satan wants nothing more than for you to be...
  6. T. E. Smith

    The Historical Jesus: Best Books From 3 Perspectives

    Some time ago I posted a list of the best books arguing for Christ Mythicism. In this thread, I want to include a list from three different conflicting perspectives: Christian, Mainstream, and Christ Myth. Christian - Jesus existed and is as revealed in the Bible, including being the literal...
  7. rhomphaeam

    [ Testimony ] In the day that I was saved.

    My witness of Christ (part one) Salvation came to me in a prison cell in Stafford Prison on the Crescent Wing on the 10th May 1984. I was serving a 30 month custodial sentence for theft of goods under the 1968 Theft Act. On that morning of the 10th May I was brought up from the Block -...
  8. Susannah

    Recovery from Love Addiction & Codependency

    My name is Susan Peabody and I am a writer and counselor. My goal is to help people feel better about themselves an about life. I specialize in helping men and women heal their relationships with themselves and others. This site is a resource for those who want to learn more about love...
  9. kimberly Webber

    [ Testimony ] I've met people of satan, tribulation hours helps. antichrist is at work. Be smart.

    I met a man once and was speaking to him. He was giving me a ride in his semi truck. During conversation I said in my head “Jesus”, meaning of Jesus and he shook his head no. Then, I said in my head, satan, and he shook his head yes. Then later in conversation he said he had the ability to...
  10. GirlandTheWord

    Growth You Are Known

    Let’s get a little personal. When I was in elementary school, I used to be a tomboy. To be clear, I wasn’t exactly sure what a tomboy was, I just felt comfortable wearing my dad’s shirts and socks. It also didn’t help that my parents thought it would be funny to see their little girl scootering...
  11. GirlandTheWord

    You Are Free

    You Are Free I am vested in the crumbs of society The fallouts from the Bread of Life I am the Bread of Life The bread of peace, love, compassion The bread of unbarred atonement, relentless redemption, Revelations made passable through the blood of My body, Which opens up new doorways...
  12. Albert Finch

    Growth Right Standing With God - 1(of8)

    (ATTITUDES OF THE SIN CONSCIOUSNESS) Which of the following "Attitudes Of The Sin Consciousness" are adversly affecting your spirtual growth and development: 1. When I stand before God sometimes I have a sense of inferiourity, guilt, or condemnation. "I tell you the truth, whoever hears my...