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  1. Shema

    Broken Heart Be Healed!

    An Emoji Devotional for Fri, 12th May, 2023 Topic: Broken heart be healed! Highlights: He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. Psalms 147:3 NLT Wisdom tell us that we have loved something, have tried for something, and yet we let life teach us. What has life taught you, did...
  2. Redeemed78

    [__ Prayer __] Pray for Amanda Bynes

    pray for her salvation and healing
  3. F

    God Sees You Healed Now

    To God you will never be more healed than you are right now. How can you be anymore healed than "were healed." 1 Peter 2:24 says, you were healed by the stripes of Jesus. The issue is how do you view healing. Now, please understand there's more to healing than when all the symptoms are gone...
  4. Jethro Bodine

    The faith of the Centurion

    There is no much packed into the story of the Centurion. Share what jumps out at you. What things do you see? Matthew 8:5-13 5 When Jesus had entered Capernaum, a centurion came to him, asking for help. 6 “Lord,” he said, “my servant lies at home paralyzed, suffering terribly.” 7 Jesus said to...
  5. M

    Christian Fiction Book that heals and delivers

    Hello everyone, I am a Christian fiction author who writes books that brings healing and deliverance. God called me to this ministry and has taken most of the struggles and shameful experiences I went through, and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit has used them to create stories to bring you...
  6. Shema

    Change The Narratives

    An Emoji Devotions for Sat January 29., 2022 Topic: Change the Narratives Highlights: Do not give dogs what is holy... Matthew 7:6a He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.” Matthew 15:26 Yes it is, Lord,” she said. “Even the dogs eat the crumbs that...
  7. Shema

    The Economic Value of the Gospel

    An Emoji devotions for Fri 24 December, 2021 Topic: The economic value of the gospel Highlights: A child has been born for us. We have been given a son who will be our ruler. His names will be Wonderful Advisor and Mighty God, Eternal Father and Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6 Gospel values are...
  8. Shema

    Someone Got their healing. Was it you?

    An Emoji Devotions for Monday 23rd August 2021 Topic: Someone Got their healing. Was it you? Highlights: But Jesus said, “Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.” Luke 8:46 While some people are trying to get a selfie pose with Jesus, some are doing their best just to...
  9. dga

    Bible Study If You Are Sick Do Not Despair

    We tend to think, that is some Christian is an anointed man of God, and God heals people through him, then he can not get sick. But, that kind of an idea, is far from the truth. A person can be mightily used by God, and even have a healing ministry, but that does not guarantee, that he can not...
  10. dga

    Bible Study Now You Can Have Your Healing

    God does not care, where you come from, what you past has been, or what you have done in the past, in order to heal you! He does not heal you because you are from America, Europe, Asia or any country in the world. He does not heal you, because you are a good or bad person, according to your own...
  11. Redwords lou

    Christians Like Us show tonight

    Every Wednesday night at 7pm EST I interview a Believer in Christ Jesus. Tonight’s guest will be Robby Rob from TDC Radio, Transfiguration day Channel on you tube,and TDC Rad on Facebook. Tune in at 7 it is sure to be a great interview. Click here - To the show. * if you would like to get your...
  12. Redwords lou

    let the show Begin!

    Hi everyone, come on over and listen in to the show today, we have our daily reading and after we will be reading about"who are the sons of God in Genisis 6" 3 part reading. starts at 10 am EST. in Christ ` Lou