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Pennsylvania, USA
Dec 25, 2021
Christian giving is not limited to cash.

How will.i gare you to give of your time?
Ti e spent doing unseen necessary work that prepares Forfarshire orservice.
Examp,e. We havea o ce a week mother and todlerbroupthztmeets in the church building.
But unless the chairs are moved and later put back, unless the toys are got out and put back, neither this outreach into the community orchurchworship would happen.
A team of Faithfull servants put and rep.ace the chairs, ditto the toys. An unsung yet vital tasks.

How does your church organise thesesort of tasks like a taxi service, visiting, odd jobs, laundry, shopping for house bound, hospital trips, visitation,to mention a few unsung tasks that always need doing and few m ow about.
My former church has those tasks performed by the deacons, but yes, you are correct; one can donate their time & services as a member of the body of Christ and they do not have to be a deacon or an elder to do that either nor for members in the church, but to any believer outside the assembly in our daily lives, as the Lord leads & provides opportunities to do so.


Sep 29, 2015
For me..i
word of God saying.. i am not my own.. i am purchased by the blood of Christ.. God owned me by paying the blood of His son Christ.. so my owner is God. so Everything what i have is belongs to him.. This is why i am giving every buck to the missionary work in my ministry.. I am taking only 20% for my food and own needs and giving back to ministry to support the mission workers in fields.. ..
in Acts we can see the early christians are trusted they are not owners for their lives.. so they sold out every thing and they gave to apostles.. They lived as one family..
So there is no tithe in New testament.. Every thing what we have is belongs to God (Church .. the body of Christ) .. And God has given full freedom to give or not.. it is depending on your dedication