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When to give : money


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The correct answer is not "donating".
The correct answer is "giving".

People, usually Christians, want to give, but can get "tied up" over-thinking the process.

Alway remember..... everything you have, including your life, belongs to God.
Your money.
Your family.
Your breath.

So, when you "give", you are actually giving God's resources, as you own none of it....... God is only allowing you to use HIS prosperity.
Never think your money is "Mine"....."its all mine"...
YOU are a steward of what GOD has allowed you to USE< and you are nothing more, in this regard.
REALIZE.......its all HIS, if you are born again, and you are being giving USE of what God's owns.

Now, if you have issues with being greedy, or if you have issues with "where do i give, how do i give"...

Then just find a poor person and give.
Jesus said...."you'll always have the poor with you", there is the best place you can give.
Give to the poor, and dont think about it, as its God money, and He would have them have it.

"but what if".....>"but what if"..
Do not think like that........
Think like this..... "they are outside". "they are hungry all day".... "they are sleeping on concrete, and hard cold ground all night".

You dont have to wonder if they need your help.
They have the SIGN, and you have the MONEY.
Do you SEE IT?
Its not hard to see....if you will just open your heart.
Here where I am there are a number of 'beggars ' i see them regularly and they wear clean cloths, are not dirty, often use modern tech to make their prescence known. I will not give to them, but preferr to give to a local church that runs a hostel and provides a hot meal.

i have worked many years ago in a government agency paying benefits to the poor, among them where homeless rough sleepers.
They wore the same cloths often all year, and did not wash.

Talk to the homeless, don't just drop coins/notes into heir hand, make contact with a human being.

They need that contact as much as they need the gospel.
Not every beggar holding a sign on the street is homeless, but to lazy to walk into a store just a few feet from them and apply to the sign "Now Hiring". I will buy them a meal and put clothes on their back in order for one to become employed. I will give them room and board and an address until they can make it on their own as I have done in the past, but there are way to many scammers out there and it's all in our approach to help those who really need help as God will put it upon our heart in who truly needs help.


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