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  • Your folks doing okay? I guess you don't get to see them as much as you would like.
    Knock knock knock
    bang bang bang

    Now where is she? It's not yet Easter - yet you've taken a break already :sad.
    Well, God speaks through His Word; what His people can do is encourage each other through the Word.
    Exactly, exactly! I have long believed that much intercessory prayer often has three possible answers. 1) Yes. 2) No. 3). Wait.

    I guess like so many ppl we often want answers yesterday. God is infinite and eternal and is working His purposes out and has given the example of Job (and others) for patience. Blessings.
    Thanks for your message. Keep the flag high in the air. May the good Lord be with you all.
    I'm sorry it took me a while to get back to you. It was very thoughtful of you to wish me a happy birthday. :biggrin Thank you very much! God be with you!
    That's a lovely poem. Are you a poet? I do poetry, too...

    I have been away burying our neighbor who died last year December. It has been stressful. We are still trying to put thing together...

    God bless the
    Here's another one:

    Lines written on the antiquity of microbes.

    "Adam 'ad 'em".
    So on that day the student brought a plant to school and gave it to the teacher, saying:
    "Student," the teacher responded.
    "Tell the class the botanical name."
    The teacher took the plant and surveyed it carefully. He was scared and worried. His worry was obvious. His students carefully examined him and were thinking he wouldn't give an answer. But, suddenly, the teacher cleared his troath, with an air of confidence and said:
    "Where did you get it from?"
    "I found it along a road side"
    "Along a road side?" the teacher asked
    The student nodded approvingly.
    "I can see it already has some dirt on it."
    "Yes," the student answered. "It was a dusty part."
    "The name is," the teacher began.
    The students listened attentively.
    (from a Newspaper)
    A biology teacher claims to know all botanical names for all plants. One day his student decided to prove and see if his teacher truly knows all plants and their botanical names.

    The teacher has been successfully identifying plants....

    To be continued
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