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Now, if we really want to drill it down, then we surely understand that salvation started in the "foreknowledge of God", where everything began.

So, God created Salvation, in His Foreknowledge, as He knew what Satan would do, and He knew what Adam and Eve would do, and He knew what He would have to do to save you from all that those 3 left you to deal with...
They created you to be "born in sin", and have a fallen nature. You are born this way, and you have some time to get that worked out.
Have you yet?
Are you born again? = "Jesus said, you MUST be born again".

If you are reading this, and you have not made heaven your eternal home, then i implore you to consider, that you dont know when your time is up.
I promise you, that in your local newspaper, there is an Obituary page in it today.
There are names and faces found there, who died yesterday and this week, past.
Some are in hell right now, as of yesterday.
And Reader, not one of them knew their time was up.
Not one of them knew that they would be on the death page today, in their newspaper. And if they have not chosen Heaven, then when they died without CHRIST, they made their choice not to go to Heaven.

Listen, many people have a funny idea that God is mad at them, and that He is going to send them to hell.
And the reality is....All God does with you, after you die, is allow you to go where you chose to end up while you were on this earth.
That's your "judgement day" coming to you sooner then you think...... and you chose it for yourself if you have never trusted in Christ, and you die.
Heaven and Hell are just final destinations. You get to chose where you end up, after you die.
Hear me?
Choose to believe in JESUS< and you have chosen Heaven today.
Choose not Jesus, and you have already chosen Hell, right now..... already.
John 3:36
You get to decide.
Remember that the clock is ticking.

Now, when did salvation Start?

Jesus, who is God, was virgin Born. He really existed. HE really is God as a Man. God who became One of us. This really happened.
In John 1:10, you read that Jesus made the world.
Genesis says that God spoke and the world, the light, the creatures, all of this, became alive, were created.....began to exist.
John 1:10, and Colossians 1:16 say that Jesus did it.
How can that be?
It because God used the words of creation..>God SPOKE< and it HAPPENED.
And who is Jesus, before He came down from Heaven?
Jesus is the WORD, made Flesh.
Now, notice... God Spoke, and Jesus is the WORD.
Connect the dots, reader.
That is how Jesus made the world and all you see, as God doing it.

Now......When did Salvation begin? ?
Salvation, literally began, before the Cross.
It began when Jesus was under such stress and pressure that blood vessels in His face were rupturing and blood was dripping off of his face, while He prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. This garden is at the ft of the Mount of Olives.
Jesus was in AGONY. Blood was dripping from His face. God sent a helper from heaven to comfort the Lord at this beginning of His "passion".
Jesus THE Christ..... is about to start your Salvation.
Its right here...

= "Father not MY WILL, <BUT> YOURS BE DONE"

See that freewill acceptance?
See God the Son, deciding to accept the CROSS as His Father's Will?
That is where you salvation began, Reader.
It began when Jesus The Christ said "not MY Will..... but YOUR'S FATHER, THAT I WILL DO".

When Jesus accepted God's will to go to that Cross, after requesting....previously.."Father if it be possible, then let this cup pass from me".. you Salvation began.
See that?
Your Salvation is That Cup not being given to YOU ! ... That is the whipping, the bleeding, the beating, the carrying of the Cross, the hanging on the Cross, the humiliation, and the DEATH..... is the CUP that is God's Judgment against YOUR SIN, that was poured out on God's only Begotten Son.... to SAVE YOU.
See all that? That is "the gift of Salvation" and "the Gift of Righteousness".
Do you have it? Are you born again? Jesus said. "you must be born again", and Hes not talking about water.

John 3:16 says that "God so loved the world, that He gave Jesus" to that Cross on your behalf, for all your sin.
And God the Son, said..>"I'll do your WILL Father" and go to the CROSS.... And why????? Because Jesus loves you that much, reader.
He loves you that much. He died for you to prove God's love for you.
See it?
Feel it?

That's when your salvation started that God and Son provided for you, as a "GIFT".

Thank you Jesus .!
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