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Recent content by Bob Carabbio

  1. Bob Carabbio


    Science Fiction, lost a lot of it's appeal to me after reading the 1956 Hugo winner (the STAR - Arthur C. Clark) where a burnt out planet is visited, and after some exploration, there develops a awareness of how Vibrant, and advanced the civilizations, and Societies on the now dead world had...
  2. Bob Carabbio

    Where are the miracles?

    Same place as the Apostolic Dedication to take the WORD into the world. The early disciples weren't "get together for an hour once a week" types. Miracles carry a RESPONSIBILITY to disseminate the story, and reach folks for the Lord. The casual church of 2021 won't SEE many miracles until...
  3. Bob Carabbio

    Is Salvation really a "free Gift" of God?

    SO, essentially you teach SALVATION BY WORKS, and feel that Eph 2:8,9 is a lie.
  4. Bob Carabbio

    Double standards

    It's a statement of LIMITATION.
  5. Bob Carabbio


    Here in Texas, OUTSIDE of Dallas county, other than folks running around in masks, things are pretty normal. THe restaurants are open, and Traffic on the roads is (if anything) greater than normal. ANd I've never stopped working full time.
  6. Bob Carabbio


    OF course. My Grandmother (on dad's side) prepared it (and Lisagna, and Ravioli, and Gnocci, and Brasciole) and She was a contract bride from Milan for my Grandfather (A second generation Italian American His father was the immigrant). She thought he was pretty ugly when she first saw him...
  7. Bob Carabbio

    Why do Christian college students leave church and struggle

    OR more likely, the ones that REMAIN Christians, where the one who actually WERE Born Again Christians to begin with. Christianity is, by definition, a totally CLOSE-MINDED Faith. There's only ONE God, and ONE Savior, and ONE FAITH (Heb 11:1), ONE Book, and all the rest of the "World's...
  8. Bob Carabbio

    quote your favorite scripture !!!

    Commit thy way unto the Lord, believe also in Him, and He will bring it to pass (Ps 37:5). My Mother's prayer that got ME saved, and now MY prayer.
  9. Bob Carabbio

    Ever been interrogated?

    Been interrogated, and deposed back in the day. AT least when I was deposed, I got a free trip to Milwaukee, and a good dinner.
  10. Bob Carabbio

    Which Bible is the true Bible?

    Funny you wouldn't KNOW that the KJV was a legally Authorized translation - why would you thing the law was from "Protestants"? DO you know NOTHING of the KJV?? For WHAT? The only significant thing (out of 2 Maccabees) is the phony Roman Catholic LIE about "Purgatorial Sanctification" -...
  11. Bob Carabbio

    Which Bible is the true Bible?

    I see no error. I agree that if YOU choose to INTERPRET certain things as "Errors" then you will find yourself in the company of many "Theologians" with their "Scholarly interpretations" (including a "Flat earth" Isa 40:22 - Job 38:13). So go ahead and scratch your itch. Oh, and you might...
  12. Bob Carabbio

    Which Bible is the true Bible?

    The KJV originally BY LAW had to include the Deuterocanonicals until late in the 19th century, when they (being worthless Spiritually) were trashed.
  13. Bob Carabbio

    Would you date a ' Liberal' or 'Evangelical ' Christian?

    What we did - I was Baptist, she was Roman Catholic -was gradually "Work it out" over a year or so while we were dating. Turns out Her Parish Priest (in Hyde Park MA) was also a Christian (some of 'em are), and She was a Born Again Christian (Catholic BS Not withstanding), as I was. WE wound...
  14. Bob Carabbio

    Which Bible is the true Bible?

    2 Maccabees 12 : 41-46
  15. Bob Carabbio

    If you had less than a week to live

    That's kind of like what my Dad did - got up in the morning, picked up his "Meals on Wheels" deliverys, completed his route, came home - made himself a sandwich, sat in his favorite chair, and died.