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What Is Shown By Christendom's Utter Lack of a Unified Theology?


Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life
Staff member
Jul 13, 2012
How do the sheep know His voice? Something within them recognizes that He is their shepherd

Yes His Sheep have His Spirit within them.


Homer Georgia
Jul 16, 2012
All of Scripture demonstrates amongst its writers and Prophets a singular agreement upon Theology and Faith. There is never any argument or disunity, other than the minor example between Peter and Paul about Gentile observance of the Law, which was quickly resolved.

Each writer and segment of Scripture builds and confirms what had already been written. Church denominations did not exist. Tares in the Church, ignorance of God, overt sin, weaknesses, and failures did exist, but a central core of comprehension and faith was identifiable.

After the Early Church, there has come into place nothing but a trend for divergent faith and practice upon every aspect of Theology and Doctrine. Where is the unity commanded by Christ in John 17:21, "That they also may be one in us"?

Do not waste our time restating what I have already said, here. Do not chat and share like an intuitive woman. Do not give lame explanations. Do not give shallow speculation. Do not start talking about me. Just give an answer.
I think one reason is a lack of critical thinking.