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Questions about the bible.


New Zealand
Mar 27, 2021
I cherry pick the Bible. I love the wise parts.
But fundamentalists say i cant do that. All or nothing thinking I lack.
I remain Christian though some say I don't qualify.
From your posts that I have read so far, I would call you a good person. Taking the good parts from the Bible and rejecting the patently bad bits confirms this.
Oct 20, 2016
Christianity is not about looking to the sickness/evil going on the your left/right/behind/front. Christianity is about finding Christ in the midst of the human sewage and finding everlasting life in His Kingdom despite the attempts to physically/spiritually murder us.


Dec 26, 2015
Why would a loving God make it like a puzzle?
Hi Curious,
Sorry for the delay.
Your post if very thoughtful.

I don't know what you think God made into a puzzle.
The only really important information you could take away from the bible is how to be with God after death.
That is made very clear...both in the O.T. and the N.T. it is faith in God that saves.
IOW...what sense would it make to be with a God a person doesn't even believe in...or believes in his mind that God exists but doesn't give Him a second thought.

If you are a 12-year-old boy being sodomized by a priest, then indeed the love of god is a massive puzzle. Equally, if you are 12-year-old girl being raped by your pastor, God is indeed a puzzle.

This is not a puzzle.
God didn't rape either the boy or the girl...another human being did.
Christians look up to Jesus if they wish for an example....they do not look to other human beings because those that truly live as God would want them to are few and far between...and those who do what you speak of are nowhere near the God of the universe but are following the wiles of the evil one.

I have a friend who killed himself because God clearly stated that homosexuality is a terrible sin worthy of death. He obeyed God and killed himself.

Did God have his phone number?
How did he obey God when God's commandment is that we are not to kill, including ourselves.
He didn't obey God...he obeyed his tortured conscience and the pressure of society and maybe problems within his family.
Movies make homosexuality look attractive and fun,,,but many have problems with this ... it is a damage that some have and not everyone can deal with it. I'm very sorry for your friend...he should have found strength in God instead. Maybe the problem is that God is not taught properly in some homes/schools/churches/bible studies, etc. Maybe we teach a God that doesn't exist...

God has a very high opinion of males and a very low opinion of females. Why is that?

I think cultures have differing opinions of males and females. I do believe God loves all His creation or He would not have created us. The bible teaches that God loved the whole world and so gave His Son....the sacrifice is for everyone, not just males.
The bible tells us that God loved us while we were yet sinners...not just males but females too.
At the time of Jesus women were looked down were those that were not of the Jewish faith.
But, if you know anything about the New Testament, Jesus spoke to women just as He would men...and He forgave them just as He forgave men. He loved His women followers just as He loved His male followers.

Ravi Zacharias was a great proponent of Christianity, I have watched many of his talks. But he is a liar (No degrees) a rapist, a blackmailer, and just an all-around fraud. Yet, despite all this, Christians are debating if the man is in heaven or not.

I haven't heard about this debate.
I'd say that we should leave that decision up to God...
but we're taught that evil persons will not be seeing God.
And, BTW, Christians are not perfect persons....
Please don't judge Christianity by persons....
but by what Jesus did for humanity.

John Macarthur, of grace for you, condemns the greed of televangelists, yet owns three homes and has an income that would make your eyes water.

And he's not the only one.
I will say this....pastors usually take about 10% of the income of a church.
If a church can make a million $ a year,,,,10% is 100 thou.
If it makes 50 million a year...10% is 5 mil.
Personally, I don't hold this against long as they do with their money what we're all expected to do with it...
use some to better the human condition.

Yet if you read the Gospel according to Jesus, written by John and which I have read, he condemns those who don't give up everything to follow Christ.

You're referring to The Rich Young Ruler. Matthew 19:16-22
Jesus doesn't expect me to give up my car and home and whatever material goods I may have.
The reason Jesus told the young ruler this is because of a theological idea regarding this passage. I'd be happy to go over it
but only if you wish...

James Dobson a well-known Christian Identity, interviewed Ted Bundy just before he was executed. Bundy repented, and if the Bible is correct is now in heaven. Meanwhile, those he raped and murdered are roasting in hell if they haven't repented.

God forgives. He's a just God.
Man has a problem forgiving...we do not have the justice of God but man's justice.
This is not an easy concept for a non-believer to understand.
If we are truly sorry for something we did, then God does forgive us. However, the chances that a person so evil could truly repent is not a usual occurrence. Only God knows if Bundy truly repented.
And if those he murdered were not believers,,,then they probably are not with God.
But we can't know this,,,only they know this.
The whole idea is faith...
faith saves.
I read of Christians praising God because they prayed and he gave them a parking spot, meanwhile a young woman who was being raped daily by her dad prayed to god for years to escape - but no word or action from a god.

I agree with you. Christians tend to attribute everything to God and thank Him for everything...just as those in the Old Testament did. I agree that this is a little silly,,,but, OTOH, it's nice that they have someone to thank. These are usually new Christians that have not encountered any problems yet...

It's important to understand that God does not come into our time (God is out of our time frame) every moment of the day.
This does not mean that He is not there...many times we may receive help from Him and maybe not even know it...
The little girl should have looked for help....and prayed.
The town was flooded and the man went up on his roof.
He prayed to God for help.
A boat came by but he said he was waiting for God.
A helicopter came by but he said he was waiting for God.
He was drowning now and asked God sadly...why He didn't come to save him.
God replied...." I sent you a boat and a helicopter...what more could I do?"

Starving children bu the millions have met the same result. Jesus told those who followed Him to give up all they have and follow him, but very few people ever do. Thank goodness most people take the Bible with many grains of salt, I have yet to meet a Christian who doesn't.
Don't look to other humans.
Just decide what YOU want to believe.
Did everything come about on its own....
or did something create it?

Bob Carabbio

Glenn Heights, TX
Apr 30, 2010
I have just finished reading the bible from Genesis to revelation (it was quite enjoyable, though reading through the genealogies was a bit of a mission) and have loads of questions.
For starters, to become a Christian do I need to believe that that the creation story in genesis actually happened as recorded in Genesis?
Nope. that's nothing but "Historical Theology".

To become a Christian You have to be DRAWN to Christ by God, Convicted of your SIN, and of judgement by the Holy Spirit, Surrender, REPENT of your sin and call on God in FAITH (that HE gifts) to apply Jesus' SIN OFFERING to your life. He will then indwell you with the Holy Spirit (which is what makes you a Born Again Christian), and everything will change. You'll be a "New Creation" in Christ.

THEN you can take Jesus' YOKE upon you and start learning of HIM. The Bible, the Church (other Born Again Christians), and prayer will be the tools/resources you'll use to GROW in Christ, and mature Spiritually.

A good course of action is to get with an Evangelical pastor (Baptist, Assembly of God, etc.) talk with Him about it.
New Zealand
Mar 17, 2021
I have just finished reading the bible from Genesis to revelation (it was quite enjoyable, though reading through the genealogies was a bit of a mission) and have loads of questions.
For starters, to become a Christian do I need to believe that that the creation story in genesis actually happened as recorded in Genesis?
No. Read Acts 2 where Peter preached to the crowd on the Day of Pentecost. When the crowd were cut to the heart they asked, "Men and brethren, what shall we do?" Peter answered, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ." Also, Paul's answer to the Philippian Jailor later in Acts when the jailor asked, "What shall I do to be saved?" Paul said basically the same thing, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ." This means simply to believe that the Jesus of the Gospels is who He said He is, believe that He did really rise from the dead, and to turn to Him to be your Saviour. As a result of this simple act of embracing Him, the Holy Spirit will come into you and start to transform you into the person He intends you to be.

Then, as you grow in grace and knowledge of God, the other questions will be answered.

humble soul

Keyboard Warrior for Misfits
Jan 11, 2020
Wrong again my friend.
romanist catholics say millions of hail marys before they die and hopefully she wasn't too busy and heard their prayers and then remembered to mention them to Jesus.
How Maryphobic this post is!
I think you are a Maryphobe.
Mary is just a quarterback. Jesus scores the touchdowns.